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Bio Term Hub (BTH)

bth-databases.png The Bio Term Hub (BTH) is an aggregator of biomedical terminologies sourced from manually curated databases. The BTH allows the quick construction of a terminology resource in a simple standardized format for text mining purposes. The terminologies are sourced from well-known life science databases. The user can select the specific concept types (proteins, genes, diseases, cell lines, etc.) to be included in the generated terminology. The terminologies are provided with unique term identifiers from the original databases. The resources provided by our Bio Term Hub are kept up-to-date by checking the original databases for possible updates. Optionally, the user can request the generation of lexical statistics about the selected terminologies.

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Tilia Renate Ellendorff, Adrian van der Lek, Lenz Furrer, Fabio Rinaldi. A Combined Resource of Biomedical Terminology and its Statistics. Proceedings of the conference Terminology and Artificial Intelligence 2015 (Granada, Spain), pg. 39–50.

BTH Resources


  • cell ontology
  • cellosaurus
  • ChEBI
  • CTD
  • EntrezGene
  • Gene Ontology
  • MeSH
  • Molecular Process Ontology
  • NCBI Taxonomy
  • Protein Ontology
  • RxNorm
  • Sequence Ontology
  • Swiss-Prot
  • Uberon

Author: Fabio Rinaldi

Created: 2022-01-13 Thu 00:43